How to Become a Prosecuting Lawyer

Prosecutor lawyer (also called as prosecutors and district attorneys) are one of the most hardworking and respected professionals. They are responsible for bringing the criminal charges against the defendant on behalf of the judicial system of the city, county or the federal government. Furthermore, they also perform the duty of preparing the necessary paperwork to start off a legal action and hearings in the trials at the courts. The prosecutors can be elected by the officials or they can be hired directly by the court system.

If you are looking forward to become a prosecuting lawyer, you must be ready to work hard with great dedication and persistence.


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    First of all, take admission in an undergraduate programme after completing your high school. You can take any course during your undergraduate programme (art, science or business). However, it is highly recommended for you to study the courses (political science, writing, ethics, psychology, sociology and philosophy) which will help you in the further law studies.

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    After the completion of your bachelor’s degree, you will have to give the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) in order to qualify for an admission in a law school. You must know that it is very important for you to score good points in the LSAT because the competition for admission in good law schools is very tough.

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    Submit applications in your favourite law schools along with your college grades, LSAT score and recommendation letters. You should submit the application forms in more than one law school so as to be on a safer side.

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    After getting an admission in a law school, you will have to study for three-years in order to get the Juris Doctorate degree. You should know that during the first two years at the law school, you will study the same subjects with all the other students, but in the third year, you will have to choose the subjects of your specialisation.

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    You can also do clerkship after the first year of your law school programme in order to get the necessary experience and to develop a strong professional network.

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    You will have to give bar exam of your state after passing your law school programme. Then, you can do an internship in a prosecutor firm to gain the essential exposure after which you can practice law as a prosecuting lawyer.

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