How to Become a Sports Masseur

In modern day sports, the support staff has become as important as players themselves. With international players and athletes facing increasing challenges everyday, their physical health has become all the more valuable.

A sports masseur is often tasked with managing athletes and their physical fitness by giving massages and using other therapies to relieve pain and keep their muscles in top shape. It is a safe career choice, especially if you have an interest in sports.


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    See if it suits your personality

    Being a sports masseur seems to be a very simple profession; however, this is not true because it requires a certain temperament. In order to become a successful sports masseur, you must be a very social person. If you are not selfish and want everyone around you to be happy and smiling, you can definitely become a good sports masseur.

    You must possess communication skills of the highest level if you are pursuing a career as a sports masseur. On top of that, you should be an energetic and cheerful character, who is able to build a very nice rapport with the players.

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    Do a professional course or a diploma

    If you want to become a true professional then you must do a diploma or a course from any local institute or high quality massage centre which offers training as well. Before you start the course, it is imperative for you to know the requirements for a massage therapist in your region or country.

    However, taking massage therapist training will not be enough because you should be aware of the dynamics of different sports. It is also crucial for a sports masseur to know which muscles bear more strain in major sports like football, tennis, cricket etc.

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    Find a job

    Once you are done with the training and you feel that you are all set to become a professional sports masseur, the next major step is to find a reasonable job. Most of the senior teams prefer experienced masseurs. Therefore, you should accept whatever opportunity you get at the start of your career. As you move forward, you will automatically build contacts and through good performance at the lower level, you will enhance your chances of being selected by a well reputed team.

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