How to Become a Stock Letterer

A stock letterer job falls under broader category of She Machine Operator and Tenders. It does not require a major qualification to become a stock letterer, but you should have completed your basic education and like the profession of a stock letterer. The job involves machine operating, decorating, finishing and polishing of shoe parts or shoes in the shoe factory. You can work to the top while working in various sections of shoe making and as your skills grow you can get better at performing the job. You can achieve this goal by following simple steps.


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    If you are a citizen of the United States of American, you can pick the subjects of shoe, boot and leather repair. These are the closest subjects taught about the skills of a stock letterer. Otherwise, a college level general education certificate will do as far as entering the stock letterer profession is concerned.  Having studied professional subjects will certainly help you to quickly immerse into your job responsibilities and there are greater prospects that you work through your way to a better position within a short period of time.

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    Skills Required

    Skills of a letterer job include ability to operate and control machines, coordination with other staff including establishment of an effective communication system with them while listening carefully to immediate supervisors. Active listening, understanding and logical thinking are some of the plus points for a stock letterer to carry out their work professionally and effectively.

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    Tasks Involved

    The job involves cutting leather into different shapes within the design of a shoe, stitching them together, cutting of threads and excessive material and work through finishing of the shoes or shoe parts. The entire process is working on different parts of shoes, whether in a chain system or as a standalone worker. Sometimes, you can be given the task of working on and monitoring shoe projects until final preparation of shoes, and even shipping of the stock to market.

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    Remuneration and Benefits

    A shoe letterer in the US can earn up to $27,00 annually. The hourly rate for a shoe letterer is about $13 an hour. There are other benefits as per labour laws of the country, including annual holidays and performance based appreciation in different forms. Although it is not a highly paid profession, still a reasonable number of people are employed in the sector and there is a potential for the new entrants as well.

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