How to Become an Auto Body Painter

Becoming an auto body painter does not require any major qualification, but you have to have an ambition and can gradually work your way from bottom to top. No matter even if you start as a car washer, if you have a strong desire and willpower to become an auto body painter, you can land yourself a job sooner or later while working in the industry. The best way is to start with finding an internship in the auto painting department at your local garage and then look for a permanent role, after you learn skills of the trade. Another way is to find work in an auto garage, in any department, then using your links to get yourself transferred to auto body painting department.


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    Be Ambitious and Focused

    First of all you have to be sure that you want an auto body painting as a career, and then start working on it. Even if you are able to find a role in the painting department straightaway, you can work towards your goal gradually.

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    Find After School Job

    Start working on your ambition with looking for an after school job in your local garage. Ask the owner or manager to help you place in the auto painting department as a helper or in any other smaller role, and then gradually learn and master the art until you get a permanent role as a body painter. If you are denied a role directly in the painting department accept any role in any department of the garage, and then develop links with staff and managers and get yourself transferred to the painting department any time in future.

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    Do Apprenticeship

    If you do not get a permanent role in the body painting department of your local garage, and they are willing to offer you an apprenticeship opportunity instead, accept that role, and after working in the department for the stipulated period of time, work yourself for a permanent role. This will depend on how quickly you learn the skills of the trade or master the art.

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    Convey Your Interest to Managers

    Irrespective of what role you get in the garage, convey to your managers that your are interested to work your way towards the painting department. It is possible that they can transfer you to the department as you learn the skills of auto repair in other departments, which can somehow complement your auto body painting skills. Having multiple skills is not a waster of time either, they can add to your knowledge and help in your work.

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    Learning Skills of Trade

    After finding yourself in the auto painting department in any capacity, you can also start looking for learning the trade at auto body repair and painting school. Learning of skills in the perspective of theories is always helpful in doing the actual work and you can achieve this by enrolling in a vocational school that is in your access easily.

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    Building on Knowledge/Ideas

    You can also read the trade related magazine and other materials to build your knowledge and get new ideas in the auto body painting business. Also, you should know about the availability of latest materials such as paints in the auto body painting business, it can help you grow in technique and introduce new designs and ideas to the art.

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