Make Money Sewing With an Alteration Business

Do you enjoy performing alterations on your clothing and do your friends or relatives often ask you to alter theirs? If your answer is yes, then you may be interested to learn how to start your own work at home alteration business.

If you already have a sewing machine and the necessary accessories that go along, then the start up cost for this business should remain fairly low. Anyone who attempts to open their own alterations business should at least have some sewing experience. It is also recommend that you keep samples of your work on hand to show potential customers.

Almost everyone has at least one piece of clothing that does not properly fit and many people choose to get those items altered. There are many who do not have the experience to alter their own clothing or the money to pay an overpriced tailor. Placing an ad in the local classified section and posting flyers on community boards is a great way to target this market. In addition, if you have any dry cleaners in your area, who do not perform alterations, ask to leave your flyers or business cards on their counters in exchange for referring your clients to their service.

You fees should be charged based on your location, the type of alternation being performed, and how long the procedure will take. If you choose to operate your business from a portion of your home, you can charged reduced fees because your aren’t paying rent or extra utilities and this may increase your customer base. Many brides may wish to have their or their bridesmaids dresses altered at their own location. If this is the case, it would be advisable charge an extra fee for traveling.

Even though your operation would occur out of your home, all businesses are required to register with their local and state governments. Please check all local and state laws before you begin professionally performing alterations.

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