How to Enjoy Family Life in a Bad Economy

Living a happy family life with a harsh economy, shrinking jobs and increasing prices is a hard thing to do. Money matters tend to seep into our houses and wipe that smile off our face and affect our family life severely. A tight pocket leaves most of us without any options to plan events with family and make memories together.

What we need to realize is that there is alot that can be done without reaching for the wallet and drawing out large sums. To enjoy as a family, there are small acts that can give life a positive perspective and increase hope for a better tomorrow. Our step by step guide has some tips for you to make life shine up despite the odds.


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    Leave worries at the doorstep:

    Work pressure or loan or shrinking savings, leave these all on the doorstep when you return home. Make it a rule and stick to it. At home let it loose.

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    Celebrate events at home with simplicity:

    Do not let occasions go uncelebrated because the economy might boom again but the times will not come back.  However do this with simplicity and do not cross the expense budget. Bake the cake yourself at home and make hand made cards for each other instead buying from market.

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    Reading - the new form of entertainment:

    Get memberships for the family from the nearest library. These memberships are usually free or for a very nominal fee which allows you to borrow books. Encourage family members to read books and magazines and discuss whatever they read with each other. make reading a part of family life. It is not only going to give you all good time but also contribute to your personal and professional development.

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    Dine at home:

    When restaurants get too pricey, pay extra attention to the meals at home. Make their presentation more attractive. Small efforts in the kitchen can make kids as happy as eating outside. Remember, everything that is sold outside is made in a kitchen which you also own. So you can make the same from hamburgers to pizza. Take recipes out from the internet and make all fancy food at much lower prices. This way you will be saving on the taxes, service charges, fuel expense, and the tip and at the same side enjoy good food.

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    Play indoor games:

    After dinner time are the best times to play indoor games like chess, monopoly, cards, tambola etc. This is the time when the whole family is together. These games do not require any spending and are as much fun as any other game especially when it is with family. Indoor games are very enjoyable and the cost is just the initial one time buying. Buy the cardboard versions which are cheaper.

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    Picnics and hiking:

    Picnics are family events that leave a lot of memories. They serve as events where adults sit together and enjoy talking to each other while kids get a free hand to pursue their games. They are also best times to engage in fun activities like fishing, sports and cycling. Plan picnics in parks, by the riverside and in the woods for the family. The food at the picnic can be a small variation to your usual meal. Make hiking trips with the children and pack the lunch. Camp outside in the lawn at night and tell each other horror stories. Picnics and camping are two inexpensive ways to enjoy with each other without spending much.

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    Watch movies and arrange musical nights at home:

    Anounce movie nights and weekends and ask all family members to gather in the TV lounge in those times. Make pop corns at home and watch a favorite movie voted by all. I bet it will be better than the cinema because of the comfort level and the presence of all family members. Bring out the old guitar from the closet and start singing to the kids on weekend nights. When they grow up they are going to rate it better than the best singer out there.

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