How to Become an Immigration Lawyer

An immigration lawyer basically has the specialisation in a specific area of law that deals with the issues of non-native-born individuals who are interested in living and working in any country except to their own country or birth country. By getting the degree of law for the particular domain of immigration enables you to deal with immigration affairs including obtaining visas and appealing against citizenship denials.

After becoming an immigration lawyer, your foremost duty is to stay updated with the changing immigration laws of different countries and deal with people’s cases accordingly. The main responsibility of an immigration lawyers is to help people in the preparation of paperwork for immigration and also establishing businesses in a foreign country. He is also responsible in preparing the cases against the denials of people who failed to get immigration of a foreign country.

An immigration lawyer holds paramount worth as thousands and thousands of cases are being dealt every year in the similar domain. However, you have to get the required qualification to become an immigration lawyer. If you want to become an immigration lawyer, then keep reading this post.


  • 1

    First of all you need to research the institute which has a strong reputation in immigration law. Then complete the requirements of that institute and submit your application for admission.

  • 2

    Stay updated about the law courses or programs that include the latest immigration laws in their curriculum. Start studying the immigration law program and try to complete it in time.

  • 3

    For getting practical experience during your immigration law studies, you need to get an internship which will help you in understanding the practices of law.

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    For internship, you can join a law club and try to stay updated with the latest immigration laws of different countries or any particular country you want.

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    Try to complete your studies in immigration law with in maximum high grades which will earn you a respectable position in an established law firm that deals with immigration cases. It can be a national law firm as well.

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    You need to get as much knowledge about immigration issues and laws as possible by doing a lot of study. It will broaden your vision and will help you in getting dealing with different cases easily.

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    You need to become active in participating in political committees that gives you knowledge about the changing laws in immigration sector which will help you becoming a good immigration lawyer with a sound knowledge.

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