How to Behave in a Museum or Art Gallery

If you live in a metropolitan city, you will never be short of recreational facilities.  While clubs, bars, and malls are all well and good for the common masses, people who have refined tastes and a keen aesthetic sense prefer to spend some of their evenings visiting an art gallery or a local museum. Apart from satisfying your inner need for beauty and art, a museum or an art gallery provides you the perfect opportunity to enhance your knowledge about the different facets of life.

If you are going to visit such a place for the first time, and are not sure about the sort of behaviour you need to adopt, just remember that you cannot behave childishly at a museum or an art gallery. There is a sense of decorum and common courtesy that prevails in these places, and you will need to mould your behaviour accordingly. This does not mean that you cannot fully experience and enjoy the art and/or exhibits on offer – observe and appreciate everything to your heart’s content, but make sure you do not create any disturbance while doing so.


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    Cell phones should be silent

    After you park your car, and are about to enter an art gallery or a museum, take a moment to either switch your phone off entirely, or put it on silent or vibration mode. This will save you from the embarrassment which you may have to face if your phone rings loudly in the silence of the museum.

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    Don’t speak loudly

    If you are with family and/or friends, it is important for all of  you to keep the volume of your voices low when talking to each other. Speaking loudly in a museum or art gallery is considered rude, and is against the decorum that needs to be observed at such a place.

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    Keep children close

    If you happen to have children with you, keep an eye on them and make sure they remain close to you. Before stepping into the building, tell your kids not to touch anything in the gallery, and behave decently. Make sure your children do not shout or run around while other visitors are attempting to concentrate on the exhibits or artwork.

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    Stand aside

    When viewing a painting or an exhibit, you should make sure you do not stand in a position that blocks someone else’s vision. Always stand to the side, and keep in mind that you are not the only one present in the gallery.

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    Communicate with the curator or the artist

    If there are any questions in your mind about a particular exhibit or work of art, you should not hesitate to ask the curator or the painter. Maintain a politely curious and friendly tone while talking to them. If you do not like a piece of art, keep your criticism to yourself and do not speak negativity.

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