How to Approach Art Gallery for Representation

If you have developed enough as an artist and want to display your art work to make some money then showcasing it in an art gallery is your best bet. However, it’s not as easy as you think, and you need to approach an art gallery in a proper way.

Things can go wrong if you are unfamiliar to the etiquettes.

Yes, it can difficult if you are new to business but it does not mean that you should stop working on this. Following couple of simple yet effective directions can make things lot easier for you.


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    Make a list of prominent galleries:

    First of all, you should find art galleries in your area and make a list of prominent ones. You may seek help from internet or just rely on the opinion of people around you. Your next step will be to short list them and pick the best one. You must keep couple of important things in mind. For example, you should consider the status of the gallery in the art circle as it is very important to elevate your status as an artist.

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    Know requirements of the gallery:

    Now, when you have selected an art gallery for representation, you should have a complete idea of their requirements. You must meet their standards to persuade them for representation. The best way is to ask them for informational literature and read the guidelines thoroughly. If there are no guidelines then ask those who have gone through this process before.

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    Make your portfolio:

    Next thing you should do is to make your portfolio according to their requirements. Pick couple of pieces of your artwork, get images and attach them with your proposal. Your proposal and cover letter must be drafted tactfully otherwise you won’t be able to grab their attention. Instead of making a file, you should make a CD of your recent work and dispatch. You should also provide couple of references to make you case strong.

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    Send your portfolio:

    After making a portfolio, you should dispatch it through a certified mail service or simply email the relevant person. Make sure that you have provided your complete contact information.

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    Make a call:

    After sending your portfolio, you should make a call and register yourself. You should be friendly but specific. Moreover, speak only with the relevant person and if he/she is not available call later on.

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