How to Visit New York’s Art Galleries

Are you making up your mind about visiting art galleries in New York but have no idea where to start and how to make the most out of your trip? You should be glad to know that visiting art galleries in New York is easier and it costs less than you imagine. However, if you make a budget before hand, things will remain smooth, and your trip will benefit you in terms of entertainment and learning.

Although, other cities of New York State also boast well-known galleries, exploring the New York City will give you much more pleasure (if you do not want to get confused with so many amazing options).

Some of the famous galleries of New York City include Robin Rice Gallery, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Soho Photo, Susan Sheehan Gallery, West Street Gallery, White Columns, American Contemporary, Lisa Cooley, Laurel Gitlen, Krause Gallery, and Half Gallery.


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    Decide what museums and galleries you like to visit

    It is wise to decide what type of gallery or a museum you would like visit in New York. You may like painting, sculpture, history, antiques, calligraphy, modern art, contemporary art, so you should first narrow down your choices and then come up with a category.

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    Find a list of galleries on the Internet

    You can use the Internet to find a list of galleries in the New York City. There are literally hundreds of big and small galleries in the city, so driving around the city in the hope of finding galleries of your choice will be a useless and tiring practice.  Using keywords like “arts galleries in New York” should get you a long list of websites of galleries.

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    Visit websites of your chosen galleries

    After you have found the name of the galleries you wish to visit, you can visit the websites of each gallery.

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    Note down exhibition dates and timing and location

    Since, each gallery has their own schedules of different exhibitions and programs, packing up your bag and driving to the place could end up as a failed expedition. You will find the timings and dates of each exhibition on the website.

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    Hire a cab

    You can hire a cab to reach the gallery you have chosen. Any cab driver should be able to drive you there. You can also use Google maps to understand the location if you are driving yourself.

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