How to Get a Job at an Art Gallery

Getting a job at an art gallery is not as easy as some people might think. You have to be extremely professional and have total command on art and a good contact list to actually convince an art gallery owner to hire you for running his/her business.


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    The first thing you need is a proper degree in arts. A business degree with some arts subjects will also be beneficial.

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    You need to have considerable command on the history of arts so that you can speak on the subject without any problems.

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    A previous internship in a local art museum would work to your advantage when trying to get a job at an art gallery. An internship is vital in helping you gain contacts in the art world.

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    Becoming a member of local museums and art galleries will be another point which will work in your favour once you apply for a job.

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    You need to be acquainted with the local artists well before applying for a job, because the more you know about the work of local artists the better chances you will have of getting hired by an art gallery.

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    You should try to organise art-related events. An experience of marketing and organising such events will add colour to your resume. This will show that you are well organised and capable of handling this sort of work.

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    You need to have good web programming, social media, and graphic design skills if you seriously want to get a job in an art gallery. Always remember that gallery owners often want employees who can work as marketers, receptionists and sales people.

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    You will have to search online for jobs like these, as most galleries have their own websites and can be contacted through the internet.

  • 9

    Do not be frustrated if you get offers for part-time positions as most galleries do not hire people on a full-time basis.

  • 10

    After making a resume, proof read it and make sure you have included your experience. Use impressive fonts and headers so that your resume gets noticed.

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    Always remember to dress well for the interview as appearances are very important for this job. You need to do a thorough research of the gallery you are applying to understand the genre and clientele.

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