How to Open an Art Gallery

If you appreciate art and have an eye for it then you probably shouldn’t face any problems when planning to open an art gallery.


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    The first step is to evaluate the current situation of the business in your city, remember this business is for urban localities so never plan to open an art gallery outside town, since it won't get a lot of visitors. You also need to know if the people in your locality have an interest in art. If there isn’t any taste for art in and around your town, then this is probably not the best time to open up a gallery.

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    Consult other people practicing this business about the pros and cons, but it is best that you do not disclose your plans of opening an art gallery, as no one likes competition.

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    You need to have clear plans regarding the future of your business, because without a clear path you won’t get far. Have realistic expectations and proceed only if you believe you will enjoy the experience.

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    Now comes the hard part, you need to check your finances and see if you have enough capital required to open an independent art gallery. You will need money for renovation of the place you are either going to buy or rent. Visual appeal is paramount, so you need to make your place look attractive and worth a second visit.

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    Once you have the finances sorted out, it is time to get out there and search for a decent place. Make sure that the location is easy to find and not too deep inside the city with congested roads. Buying a small place will be a major mistake on your part, as art galleries need to be big enough to house a considerable number of art pieces and visitors at the same time. If people start feeling suffocated there is a possibility they will avoid visiting your gallery next time.

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    You need professional staff to manage the gallery. While you may be investing and supervising, an art gallery requires the services of a receptionist and a curator at least.

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    Do not haste yourself into inviting artists to display their work, take your time and make the best arrangements possible for a good show. Since your gallery will be new, attracting established artists will not be easy, so in order to avoid this predicament you can encourage upcoming and less known artists as they are always looking for someone to promote their work.

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    Market your gallery even after giving it a grand launching by inviting big names and media outlets in the city.

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