How to Become an Art Gallery Curator

To become an art gallery curator is something many people love to as it is a full time job with wonderful future prospects. The art galleries whether they are running under the supervision of a government body or private individuals always hire curators in order to deal with a wide range of functions. A curator, who usually fulfils all responsibilities of a director, deals with different tasks relevant to the maintenance of the art gallery. Curators usually perform the management tasks including budgeting, public relations, collection maintenance, grant writing, exhibit installation and employee training etc. The curators are also hired in the art departments of different universities and they teach subjects relevant to arts to the students and faculty members.

However, becoming an art gallery curator is not a simple task. You have to complete formal education in this specific field which will enable you to fulfil the responsibilities of this position in an effective manner. Many people want to become curators but only those succeed who obtain required qualification by completing their education in this specific field. If you want to become an art gallery curator, then you should also complete the requirements. However, if you do not know how to become an art gallery curator, then you can take guidance from this article.


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    First of all, you should take admission in an institution that offers a four year undergraduate degree in the field of art management.

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    Make sure you have also taken subjects of art management, facility management, marketing, art history and fund raising. These courses will help you in becoming a good curator of an art gallery.

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    After completing your undergraduate degree, you should take admission for a graduate or advanced degree in Art Management. It will help you in getting in-depth knowledge and will enable you to become a competent professional as an art gallery curator.

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    During your advanced degree, do not forget to take courses including art consulting, management and art’s public policy. These courses will develop an insight about the subject area and will make you a worthy art gallery curator.

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    During your academics, try to complete an internship in the art gallery of your institute or somewhere else. This practical experience will help you to a greater extent and you will have a better idea of how things work in an art gallery.

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    After completing your education, apply for different art galleries for the position of curator. The chances are very high that you will get good response considering that you have got a specialised education required to become a curator.

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