How to Set Up a Digital Art Gallery

Most artists want to spread and publicize their art, but they just can’t seem to get in touch with the right art galleries to do so. They often face a number of problems when trying to put up their artwork in galleries, and more than often they fail to reach the number of potential customers that they would want to.

In cases like this, people tend to try and use online means to promote their artwork. They tend to do this by creating an online gallery. This helps them easily put their material up for display, and they can target a much wider customer base, as compared what they would have had, should they set up in a local gallery.


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    Upload Artwork

    The first step to setting up your online gallery is to put all your artwork onto digital media. You can do this by scanning pictures and putting them on your computer. However, in case something can’t be scanned, you can take high quality pictures with a digital camera and put them on a digital format instead.

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    The next thing you need to do is to go on and decide which pieces are better than others. By doing this you will ensure that the potential customers are captured by your artwork early on so that they don’t move away from your gallery.

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    Chose host or set up website

    Having done that, you need to go on and select the website that you want to host your artwork. There are a number of sites that would host your art for free, while others could charge a premium fee to offer you file hosting services.

    However, if you don’t feel like using a third party, you can set up your own website to promote your work as well. This route would be a little slower than normal, but would ensure you get all the details down to your preference.

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    Determine price

    The last thing you need to do, is to assign prices to each artwork you have uploaded on the website. This is going to allow potentially customers to be able to figure out how much each piece is for without wasting time, and it would get online traffic to move along faster.

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    Now from time to time, you need to update your profile, and add new items. This will maintain an interest in your work, and will have people come back for more.

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