How to Use the Adobe Filter Gallery

Adobe Photoshop has a large variety of special effects filters, which one can apply to any image to make it artistic. Several amateurs use these effects to make their images look a bit special.

However, each filter has several controls that allow one to fine-tune the applied filter to that particular image. Although there are already several special effect filters, each filter’s fine-tune options makes literally thousands of effects.

There are no set of rules while applying any of these special effect filter, but one must make sure that they know a bit about what and how they are applying these to their image.

Things Required:

– Adobe Photoshop
– A copy of an image for experimentation


  • 1

    Open the copy of an image that you have chose for experimenting in Adobe Photoshop. From the filters tab, this is present at the top toolbar, select ‘Open Filter Gallery’ that will open up your image in that gallery window.  Six different filter galleries will open up, and each gallery contains different set of effects. In addition, each set of effect filter has its own unique set of control that gives the user further control over applying the filter.

  • 2

    Now open a gallery to select a filter effect. For instance, open up the ‘Artistic’ gallery, and select a filter. You will see that as soon as you click on the filter, the image will render up the effect in the preview panel or window to let the user see how it will be going to appear. In addition, the applied filter will open up as a new layer, so one can always have the option of removing that layer to restore the original image.

  • 3

    In the ‘Artistic’ gallery, open up the ‘Sponge’ filter. You will see that the effect has taken a few seconds to apply it on your image, and then has showed up the result to you in the preview window or panel. In addition, the control panel of that effect has also opened up, and one can adjust the levels of ‘Saturation’, ‘Mass’, and ‘Colour’ in it. Every time you change the effect, the image will automatically render to give you the preview. The effect will not be applied to your image until you press the ‘Ok’ button.

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