How to Remove an Image from a Word Press Photo Gallery

An image is probably the most important part of any post. Without a relevant picture, even a nicely written piece does not make a major impact. On the other hand, a good image can add plenty of appeal to even an ordinary post.

After attaching an image, one must push the preview button to have an idea about how good it will look to the viewer. If one particular image does not satisfy you, you must quickly replace it with a better one.

WordPress allows you to link as many images as you want. However, removing an image from the photo gallery becomes an issue at times. It is not the toughest thing to do though. WordPress provides a very simple way to delete an image from the gallery.


  • 1

    Launch your web browser, and log on to WordPress. Reach the Dashboard.

  • 2

    Click on Posts, and find the one you want to edit. After opening that post, push the ‘Edit’ button to get start editing the post.

  • 3

    Right at the top of the box that is designed for text, you will find a square icon, placed next to "Upload/Insert". As you click on the box, a separate small window will popup, holding four different options, such as From Computer, From URL, Gallery, and Media Library. Click on the ‘Gallery’ tab.

  • 4

    A list of attached images will appear in front of you. The number of images could be one or more. Click ‘Show’ next to the image you want to delete. Now, you will get another separate window, telling you about the specifics.

    The image is not a part of the post’s gallery now. Remember, the image will not be recovered if you delete it from your Media Library. In case you want to attach a different image, open ‘Media’ menu, and click ‘Add New’.

  • 5

    If you have not used the picture as ‘Featured Image’, you must have used the ‘Insert to Post’ option. In that case, the removal becomes even easier.

  • 6

    Open the post you want to amend. You will find the image lying in the text box. Click on the image to select it. Once you have selected the image, a red icon will appear at the top left side. Click on the icon, and the image will be removed. It will not appear as the post’s part, but still stays in the gallery.

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