How to Embed Photo Galleries

In the process of creating an online resource, some webmasters have a desire to add their own galleries. Therefore, knowledge about its creation and configuration will be very useful for beginners in the process.

In the process of creating the site, some webmasters think about integration into your web site gallery. So for beginners there is no harm in finding the installation of this component.

Gallery is necessary for websites or blogs that contain large amounts of visual information (e.g. photographs, charts, scanned pages, etc.) It helps to sort the files containing visual information, and organize them. Gallery is also easier to find the right file for your visitors. That is why many website owners want to create a gallery for your web property.


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    There are several ways to create a gallery for your site or blog. The first way to make a gallery - is to check the availability on the Internet web applications (i.e. Html and CSS code) and paste it into the appropriate page that hosts the gallery. One big advantage of using this method is that there is no need to install software for the gallery. You can also find a very interesting design on the internet according to your taste.

    The disadvantage of this method is the need for prescription in the tags manually title pictures, and insert the address of pictures. This is complicated by the need to insert the address thumbnail images for gallery, where the so-called preview. For large volumes, this gallery can take a lot of time.

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    The second way to make a gallery - download the appropriate software with an interface that will save the owner of the site from the need to work with the code. Advantage of the program is that it can work with large sets of images and create a preview (and hence the code to register in their addresses) on their own, which greatly simplifies the job of creating the gallery.

    Among the disadvantages of this method is the limitation of the design gallery, which is unacceptable for certain types of web sites. There are a number of programs which can pump out on the Internet. Some of them require a certain browser to download a picture. These types of galleries are suitable for online shopping.

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    The third way is to create a unique design and the code of the gallery. This gallery is more appropriate for a site with some pictures where there is a need to maintain the overall style of the original site. There is also software to create a website and update the content on it, which allows you to create galleries, and then add the photos online.

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