How to Make a Catalogue for Art Gallery Show

Art exhibitions at art galleries are quite common and many people visit them in order to stay in touch with the latest art that is around and to catch the prevailing trends. It is important that the people who appreciate art get to know when it is on display.

In current day and age, it is very important that an art show is promoted well so that people visit it. Catalogues play an important role in this endeavour. It is important that a catalogue is professionally designed and gives a clear feel of what is on show at the gallery to encourage people to visit.


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    Decide what kind of layout you are looking for on the catalogue. Do you want it to be vertical or horizontal and how do you want the text and the graphics to be placed n the catalogue. Also decide if there are going to be picture on all pages or you will vary the scheme and breakaway from the norm.

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    This refers to both the size of the catalogue itself as well as the number of pages that will be added into the catalogue. It can be very tempting to have a large catalogue with lots of pictures and information but one can go overboard and make it too big of the liking of the viewer. Make it such that it gives a glimpse of what is on offer and wets the appetite of an art fan.

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    Kind Words

    Use kind words on the catalogue for art and make sure that they sound well. You do not want to have language that sounds unprofessional on an art exhibit catalogue as it will be a massive turnoff.

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    Art on Display

    Make sure that you add some of the best art on display to put it in the catalogue. Do not add large pictures of every piece as the idea is to make the people come in rather than just look at the catalogue. Do mention the notable artists clearly so that people are more interested in attending the event.

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    Ordering Info

    Have the information that how people can order the art. Even though most people will look to order only after watching the art, it is best that they know how to order it when they come in so that they make the purchase as soon as they see the art they wanted to buy.

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