How to Frame a Photograph for Gallery Exhibition

Every artist and photographer dreams of one day having their work displayed in an art gallery. However, not all of them actually end up showing off their work in a gallery. Now those that do manage to make it to the gallery have some very tough questions on their hands.

These questions vary from what work they should display, given the fact that they probably have a very large portfolio, it is usually very hard to just pick one or two pictures to display.

Apart from this, another question that tends to bother most, is just how to display their work. This includes deciding on what frame to use and just how to mount their pictures.

Sometimes when these artists panic, they tend to forget just how to mount their pictures, which is actually one of the simplest of things to do.


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    Select frame

    The first step is for you to go on and select the frame that you want to be using for your photograph. You need to make sure that the frame you select is the right size and shape for the picture, and that it complements the picture that you are about to mount on it.

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    Mount picture on mat board

    The next step, or the first step is to go on and place the picture on a mat board. Try using one with a light white/creamy color, but based on your picture you can vary the color of the board.

    Once you have placed the picture on the board, connect the photo corners, and make sure that no glue or adhesive comes close to the surface or in contact with the picture.

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    Connect second piece of board

    Now you need to go on and connect the second piece of mat board to the picture. This one needs to have a window on top, in order to leave space for the picture to be visible. Attach all the sides and make sure the frame is holding tougher. Avoid getting any adhesive or any other material on your picture.

    Once you are done connecting all the sides, lay the piece of glass in the opening.

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    Now you need to position your frame upright, and then you need to go on and brush off any dirt, dust or excess material that might be present. Once this is done, you are good to go.

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