How to Pick a Gallery to Exhibit Your Art

Have you been looking to find an art gallery to display your work, but have no idea how to go about getting in touch with the management of a well-known gallery and museum? Finding an art gallery for the purpose of exhibiting your artwork can be a bit complex if you do not the exact procedure and do not want to do some correspondence.

There are several galleries that can allow you to display you work, but you will have to convince the officials of the gallery that your work is worth displaying and will add value to the place.


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    Decide which type of art galleries will suit you best

    Before you write down your exhibition plan and contact a gallery, you should decide which type of art gallery you will want to use to display your artwork. There are several types of art galleries such as commercial art galleries, museums (they can also be used as galleries), state-run galleries, artist-run galleries, state-owned centers for exhibitions, and privately-owned galleries.

    You have a great variety of galleries at your disposal. Make sure you have your exhibition plan in black and white and it meets all the requirements and instructions laid out by the gallery officials.

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    Create statement of intent

    No matter what type of gallery you choose to exhibit your art, you will need to create a statement of intent. The statement of intent will include what and why you want to exhibit your work. You can give a brief overview of your work, explaining why you feel the need to display your work to audience and people related to art.

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    Visual presentation of your work

    Present your work to the official of the gallery. You can create a hard copy, showing pictures and images of your work. Computer prints, photocopies can work best. Make a professional-looking profile of your entire work. Another way to present your artwork is to create a CD or online album with the help of a website or blog.

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    Make proposals

    Make a proposal to be given to gallery coordinator or concerned officials. Proposals will be needed when you apply for an artist-run gallery.

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    Visit websites

    Almost every art gallery and museum has their website and applying for an exhibition of your work is easier than ever before. Visit the website of your chosen gallery and read instructions for application. You may be asked to fill out an online form before the officials give approval to your application and move to the next procedure.

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