How to Create a Home Art Gallery

Many people admire art, if you are an art lover why not have a gallery in your own house. Whatever your preference is: abstract, classic or contemporary, display it to create an original art gallery in your home. Over the years one purchases numerous paintings, the collection can be put together beautifully. A personal gallery speaks a lot about your style; it can be customized according to your preference, occasions or seasons. Here are some ideas on how to create your personal art gallery.


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    First you need to decide a theme for the gallery. It will give a professional feel to it. Is the gallery a collection of portraits, abstract pieces or a blend of different styles? Categorize the pieces according to themes and display them together. It is not compulsion that the gallery should just display paintings; you could add sculptures, black and white images etc.

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    You house doesn’t have large rooms which can be dedicated to this gallery solely but you need some empty space and blank walls for this purpose. Create it in an accessible place so that your friends can visit it too. You will want to be admired, so it should be in an open space. Keep in mind that paintings shouldn’t be directly exposed to sunlight or placed over a heater; this will damage the work. Hang them at eye level so that people can view it easily. A walk in closet can also be utilized if you want a smaller and more personal gallery. Whatever place you chose, make sure it has the right amount of lighting to highlight the different paintings in the room.

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    A creative display is what will make your gallery stand out from the average. Place the paintings on the floor first and create a layout. This will help you in visualizing how they will look on the wall. Keep equal spaces between different pieces. Have them framed in matching designs so that they all follow the same pattern and a theme. You could display your favorites on as easel to make them more prominent. Give each painting a name and description. You could print place cards and put them under each painting. Place cards could be colorful and complement the theme to give it a personalized yet professional look. You could also add information about the artists or any fun fact related to the painting.

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