How to Show In Art Galleries

Artists looking to earn a living through their work are generally eager to get a show in an art gallery. In addition to being a method for gaining recognition for your work, showing at an art gallery can be a way to earn a living via art. While it is impossible to pay in order to earn a show at an art gallery (shows are organised via invitation only), an artist can build up a reputation on the art scene, and garner enough praise and attention to earn an invitation to show her/his work at a particular art gallery.


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    You can start by taking art classes at a reputable art institute. Hone your craft, and while you specialise in your discipline, work to get in touch with the venues and galleries which work with your college or university, and are open to showing art work by students and fresh artists. Often, academic institutions have valuable connections in this regard, which money just cannot buy, and these advantages are there for students who are clever and foresighted enough to exploit them.

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    Once you have graduated, you can keep a portfolio of samples from your work, along with a list of the events at which your work has appeared – this can be used to market yourself and your work to private galleries. Make sure you include your contact information, to allow for interested parties to call you back. In addition, it helps to introduce yourself to gallery owners and curators, and allow them to become familiar with you and your work – pitch your art, so you can work your way into the ranks of artists that are invited for regular showings.

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    In order to become a part of the art scene, consider joining an art club – these are groups of artists that work together to find events and venues which will showcase their work. Art clubs tend to have off-beat connections, and can arrange showings in eccentric and attention-grabbing venues, such as restaurants, various shops, and corporate lobbies, etc. It is highly likely that the art work might come to the attention of a gallery owner.

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    Finally, put some real effort into putting your work out there to attract the attention of curators and gallery owners. There are several ways you can go about this – try donating your work to charities, where it can be utilised for auction fund-raisers, or donate artwork to a particular ward in a hospital. It is also essential to grab every opportunity to participate in an art show or art festival – these will expose a large amount of people to your art work.

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