How to Braid a Whip Handle

A whip is a centuries-old tool used by humans to exert their control over various animals. They are usually used for ranch setting as practical tools and are also made in different parts of the world for decorative purposes. People, who love to work with leather as a hobby, tend to work their way towards braiding whips. The basic concept of braiding is quite easy and simple to pick up on; however, braiding the handle can be a tricky and challenging task, especially for the beginners. With experience and a little hard work though, you can surely braid a whip handle in an efficient manner.

Things Required:

– Leather: at least 20 yards
– A ruler sharp scissors or knife
– Duct tape


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    If you are going to braid a whip for the first time, it is recommended that you use cheap leather so that learning to braid a whip handle is not a costly exercise for you. Once you have learnt to braid a whip, you can start to use expensive leather.

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    Make a whip

    How you create the whip is going to have a huge impact on the way you braid the handle. Braiding a whip handle is the last step in the whip building process. Therefore, you have to make the whip first. Cut the leather into 10 strips, 2-yard long and 1/8-inch thick. Nine strips are going to be used to make the whip’s base, while the tenth can be placed a aside. Fold these nine strips in half and before you try to tie them together in half knot, you are required to measure 12 inches from the end. The strips can be secured with duct tape. In order to make tight long strands, you need to braid three strips together.

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    Make the handle

    Fold the 12 inch, that was duct taped away from the rest, into half to double the thickness. You can make the base of your handle by tying a second half knot at the bottom. Now grab that 10th piece of leather and around this foot of leather, wind it tightly from top to bottom. To create a firm handle, you need to keep the leather as tight as possible.

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