How to Breed a Pet Spider

No matter what your pet is, it still has a special place in your heart. Different people have different taste when it comes to keeping pets. Some like to keep dogs, some cats and even mice. However, you will rarely find a person who keeps a spider as pet.

Like all pet owners, the thought of breeding your pet spider will most certainly come in your mind at some stage. The task is not easy and may frustrate you as breeding a spider in captivity is more difficult than breeding horses or dogs. Having said that, it is not something, which is entirely impossible.


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    If you have a male spider, introduce it to the female’s habitat and vise versa.

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    When both the spiders are in the same habitat, use a piece of plastic to separate them. Let them get to know each other first. This way you will avoid any sort of aggression and that will save you a lot of effort.

    Let the two spiders get acquainted to each other. When you think that both the spiders have become accustomed to each other’s presence, remove the plastic slowly. If you see any abnormal behaviour exhibited by either of the spider, place the plastic between the two again.

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    How the males approach the female, varies from species to species. Many will lie on the ground moving their bodies up and down.

    Observe the female spider. See if she is acknowledging the signs shown to her by the male spider. If you think that she is interested in the male spider, you will see her respond with the same actions.

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    The mating will start once the female exposes her underbelly and fangs. You will have to monitor this process. The fangs are so close to the male that he is in danger of being bitten by her female specie. Female spiders are known to eat their partners during mating.

    Once the male spider inserts his embolus into the female’s genital opening, the female might get aggressive. To calm the female down, the male uses one of his fangs to rub on her underbelly. Make sure that this happens otherwise be prepared to take evasive action.

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    Once the two spiders have mated, remove the male spider from the female’s habitat.

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    Introduce the male in the female’s habitat again after a few days. If the female is interested in mating again then the previous meeting proved to be unfruitful, but if she refuses to do so then it is a good sign and the first breeding was a success.

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