How to Build a Bookcase

If you have been a student ever then this is something quite obvious that you would be having some books in your house. Hence if you have some school going kids now then there will be some more books adding up to the book shelves. As your kids will progress more in their academics, there will be some more weight in the book shelf. You may want to discard them if you have read the essay by J.C Squire “On Destroying Books” but something stops you from doing so. Nevertheless, one good way of keeping them neatly is put them in a bookcase which can be constructed quite easily having a few things available in your house.

Things Required:

Two pairs of wooden boards of equal lengths for top, bottom and sides
Wood saw
Two to three wooden boards or plywood for shelves
Nails of small size
Claw Hammer
Cabinet Scraper
Measuring tape
Wood glue


  • 1

    First of all measure the length of four wooden boards with measuring tape such that the length of two each is exactly the same.

  • 2

    If there is some difference then make them equal by using a pencil for marking and cabinet scrapper to pile the edges till they are same.

  • 3

    Now arrange four wooden boards in such a way that two of them are exactly opposite to each other in a rectangular shape.

  • 4

    Using the wood glue, fix the wooden boards in the way mentioned in the previous step. If the glue is not able to hold the joint strongly then use small nails for fixing them.

  • 5

    Giving some pause, now repeat the same for the other side until you see a proper rectangular shape. If the joint is loose then fix some more nails of small size.

  • 6

    After you have the wooden rectangle or the body of the case ready, prepare to fit in more wooden boards to serve as shelves. Measure the length with tape and trim according to the required length.

  • 7

    Once you have placed the boards inside for shelves then pin some more small nails on the outer surface of the board to strengthen the point of contact.

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