How to Build a Patio

If you have a nice spacious backyard in your house, you would often want to sit there so as to enjoy reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee in your hand. However, if the backyard is kind of untidy and muddy it may seem more like a haunted place in your house. Nevertheless, if you are able to build patio in the backyard then this will not only be a welcoming feature to it, but will also add to the look of your house. You may possibly think that it is difficult to build it, but it requires a few basic skills for a homeowner to do so.

Things Required:

String and stakes
Mattock, rake and shovel
Landscape fabric (optional)
Pavers or simple bricks
Brick Hammer
Compactor (hand or automatic)


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    The very first thing that you have to do for building a patio is do the layout. You have to mark the area exactly where you will have the patio using a measuring tape, strings and stakes.

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    After doing the layout, you will have to lay the landscape fabric. Although this is something optional, but you can get an even surface of the ground to have better results.

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    Next thing to do after laying the landscape fabric is filling the space with fine gravel. This will provide a solid base to the pavers or bricks that will be laid later on.

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    Once you have laid the gravel then you have to make sure that it is evenly distributed throughout the area. Use a shovel, mattock and rake to evenly spread the gravel in the area.

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    After you are done with laying the gravel, then you also have to spread a layer of sand so as to hold the pavers or bricks. This should be followed by compaction so that the base becomes more solid.

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    If you wish to create a drain for the patio, then it is advised to create a slope by keeping one side of the patio a little above the other to make it slide to the lower side.

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    Once you are done with all the setting, it is time for you to lay the bricks or the pavers. You should have a brick hammer to fix the pavers that may also be required to break smaller pieces.

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