How to Build a Fishing Rod Storage Rack

Fishing is the most recreational things or sports that people tend to get involved in. It doesn’t require a lot of learning and it has a very easy learning curve. For this very reason, more and more people go on and take up the sport of fishing.

Now with so many people, getting into the sport, they are looking to buy their own equipment. The problem with fishing equipment is that it is easily damaged and broken. In fact, very little force can go on and break a fishing rod and if you don’t have a proper storage unit for the rods, you could end up with some very damaged rods.

In order to do this, you are going to have to build your own storage rack for the rods. Now this isn’t very hard to do and if done properly, you could have a great place to store your rods.


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    The first thing you have to do is to go on down to the hardware store and then get your hands on some materials, with which to build this storage unit. You are going to need some pieces of lumber and some PVC pipes. You will also need some heavy duty nails and paint if you want to add some finishing touches to your storage unit.

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    Get a slab of wood and drill holes on it, these holes should be some five inches to six inches in diameter. Space these holes some two inches from each other. Now take this slab and attach it to a back panel of wood. This back panel needs to be connected to a base, since it will be holding up the whole unit.

    Now take some PVC pipes, preferable ones that will fit into the holes that you created in the slabs. Now slide them in here and then screw them in the holes in the slabs. These will be acting as the holders for your rod, so you want to spray them and clean them up from the inside to prevent any friction and scratches to occur on your rods.

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    Once everything is in place, go ahead and test it for stability. This is going to be essential in you making a decent storage unit. After this is done, go on and paint the whole unit if you want, in order to give it a more personalized touch.