How to Build a Boomerang out of Cardboard

Boomeranging is a fun activity enjoyed by both adults and kids alike. Throwing away the boomerang with a surety that it will return back safely into makes it an interesting game which you can play yourself or in a challenge with friends. Commercial boomerangs are mostly made of plastic. However, cardboard serves as good as plastic if you want to make a boomerang for yourself at home without spending any money or taking a trip. This way, there is no strain or worry when you lose a boomerang. You can always make yourself another one. Making a boomerang out of cardboard is really easy and does not involve any complex techniques. It also takes less than half an hour if you have all the right materials ready. Our step  by step guide teaches you how to make one.

Things Required:

– Cardboard (empty Cereal box)
– Pencil
– Scissors
– Glue stick


  • 1

    Take a white or printed sheet of paper. Draw on it a three winged boomerang shape. This will be your template to cut out the boomerang so draw as accurately as possible. You can also take out a print out of a boomerang shape from the internet. Draw with a pencil so that you can safely edit any mistakes. The template can be both printed and plain. Cut out the boomerang shape from the paper with sharp scissors.

  • 2

    Tear the cereal box , separating the two plain large front and back sides.  Place the cardboard sides on a flat surface with the unfinished faces up. You can make two boomerangs out of the cardboard sides.

  • 3

    Place the template on any one side and trace it out on to the cardboard using a pencil. Cut out the boomerang shape. Use a glue to attach the template to the cardboard to act as a cover. You can also simply paint over the cardboard. However, avoid adding any weight on the boomerang which will affect its flight and make it heavy.

  • 4

    Your boomerang is ready to fly. To make it spin more, twist in the edges of the three wings using your fingers. This will make it spin and rotate more so that it is more fun while you attempt to catch it back.  Do the same with the other side of cardboard so that you have two boomerangs ready with you.

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