How to Build a Shed

Are you fond of woodwork? Do you have a garden in your home? Then why do not you build a beautiful shed in your backyard. Building a shed is fun and interesting. A shed is actually a simple, single-storey wooden structure that is useful in many ways. You can use a shed to store things, to carry out different activities with your family during rainy season and to shelter delicate plants from severe weather. In addition to that, you can use for work projects and can place your furniture or other extra equipments in it. The sheds are very simple to construct and the materials used in its construction are easily available in the market. Shed are of different types and sizes.

Things Required:

Wooden boards
Measuring tape
Melded plastic boards or metal frames


  • 1

    Take your time and determine the main purposes for which your shed will be used.

  • 2

    Now, plan the size of the shed according to your requirement. if need a shed for major activities then keep its size large but if you need it fun then keep the size small and build a stylish shed.

  • 3

    Pick up a paper and pencil and write down the names of all the materials used in the construction of the shed.

  • 4

    Inspect the area where the shed will be constructed. Always select an area that remains clean and dry for most of the time. Make sure selected area should not have major problems like water logging otherwise, it can damage the woods of your shed.

  • 5

    Now, decide whether you need a concrete floor for your shed or wooden flood. However, concrete floor are more solid and good for all type of seasons.

  • 6

    Get together with your family members or friends and clean the selected area, removing grasses, plants or debris. Once you cleaned the area, level it properly.

  • 7

    Start working on the frame of your shed. Join the wooden boards with the help of a hammer and nails. Otherwise, you can use the molded plastic frames as well which are easy to use.

  • 8

    Now it is the turn to make the windows and the door. Keep the size of your windows and door according to the overall size of your shed.

  • 9

    Put together the frames of your shed with the right sizes and make sure to nail them thoroughly, otherwise your shed can collapse.

  • 10

    Make sure that all the four main walls of your shed and windows are put-together and nailed firmly.

  • 11

    Do not forget to keep at least one source of ventilation and light. Hire an electrician for the day to fix the electrical equipments.

  • 12

    Your beautiful shed is almost ready; paint it with your favourite colours. Furnish the shed as you like and enjoy.

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