How to Build a Patio with Pavers

Building a patio with pavers is a great way to gain some extra space outdoors that you can use for barbeques and other gathering with friends and family. Making it however can be challenging and time consuming.

Things Required:

– Landscaping fabric
– Shovel
– Gravel
– Excavator (optional)
– Measuring Tape
– Tamper
– Stakes
– Spray Paint
– Pavers


  • 1

    Plan patio layout:

    Use the measuring tape and mark the area that you will be using for your new patio. Be sure to mark the length and the width using some paint and stakes. Dimensions for your patio should be taken very carefully as they help you decide what type of paver stones should be used and their various sizes. Also, make sure to paint over any utility lines like gas, water or electricity so that you avoid digging in these areas.

  • 2

    Determine patio height:

    Once you have measured out the area and dimensions for your patio, you will need to determine the height. Since your foundation will include sand and gravel, add around 6 inches to the overall height of the patio.

  • 3

    Clear area:

    Now you can clear the area using a shovel or if there is a lot of space then use an excavator. Make sure after excavating the area that you tamp it properly so that the dirt is nice and compact.

  • 4

    Prevent weeds:

    To prevent weeds or other plants from growing in the excavated area, lay out some landscaping fabric. Make sure to cover the area properly past the dig lines with fabric to avoid unnecessary issues after putting the pavers down. Use spikes to secure the fabric properly to the ground.

  • 5

    Add gravel:

    Add a 4 inch layer of gravel in the area that has been excavated and covered with landscaping fabric. Make sure all of the gravel is firm and flat.

  • 6

    Add sand:

    Now you can add around 2 inches of sand over the gravel. Use the tamper to flatten and screed the sand properly. It should look smooth.

  • 7


    There are different types of edging that you can use - made from aluminum, stone or plastic. It is recommended to use edging made from aluminum for this purpose as it does not corrode due to the weather.

  • 8

    Add pavers:

    Now you can finish your patio area by carefully laying out all of the pavers. Follow a pattern so that you get a nice design that will attract a lot of attention. It is up to you as to what type of pavers you want to use. There are various types of poured concrete or cut stone pavers that you can use depending on your overall budget.

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