How to Build a Snow Sledding Hill In Your Back Yard

When the winter season arrives, many people get tired of the snow and decide to stay indoors. There are many fun activities to do in the snow and sledding is one of them. Going down snow covered hills is a fun filled activity for people of all ages. The speed of your slide depends on the steepness and the height of the hill. If you do not live in a hilly area, do not be sad as you can make your very own hill at the back of your house. A ramp can be created which will let you slide at high speed. Who wouldn’t love all this fun when it is right in your back yard? So chose a friend and get to work and follow these easy instructions. The making of the ramp will not seem a task at all, it will be a fun activity even to build it. It only takes a few hours and is near to perfect. A way to make the ramp stronger is by making bricks of ice and placing them in an inclined manner. The method listed below will work as a temporary sled.

Things Required:

– Snow
– Shovels
– Wagon
– Gloves
– Sled


  • 1

    First you need to collect the snow from an area where there is in abundance. With the help of the shovels, pile it up in one area and then put it in a wagon so that it can be transported. You can also choose any other container to take it to the location of the ramp.

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    Chose an appropriate area to build the ramp and dump the transported snow there. Once there is enough snow, you should start with the base. Pat the snow together with your hands wearing gloves. Start forming a vertical slope. Try to make the snow compact so that it shapes remain intact.

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    Using the back of the shovel, make the snow on the ramp smooth. The top part of the ramp should end at once so that the ending is abrupt. All the snow that is extra should be brushed away. Increase the amount of snow as you go up the ramp. An indention should be made with the sled. Now it’s time to just sit on the sled and take a slide down. If the ramp start to crumble, the snow should be packed together more tightly.

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