How to Plaster a Wall

Sometimes after the monsoon season, it has been observed that the plaster starts falling off the walls particularly if the wall is made up of bricks. At this point of time we certainly look for the services of a mason. Whether it is a small patch to be plastered or the complete wall, the masons usually charge for the whole day. Once the job is done, we do often get to think that it was not so difficult that could have not have been done without a mason. The fact is that plastering a wall can be easily done without a mason as there are only a few things that required to be kept in mind.

Things Required:

Cement Bag
A wheelbarrow or other large container for sand
Water supply
Finishing Trowel
Brick Hammer


  • 1

    First off using the Brick hammer beat it on the wall so as to shed the old plaster or the plaster that has become weak so that the plastering is not required over and over again.

  • 2

    After the old plaster has been shed properly and the bricks of the wall exposed, start watering the bricks as dry bricks do not properly hold the new plaster. This will be the same incase of newly built brick walls.

  • 3

    Once the wall is wet, use the trowel and start sprinkling the sand on the wet wall so that it makes the bricks adhesive enough for the plaster to hold on properly.

  • 4

    Now pile up the sand on the floor in a circular position for making the mortar in such a ratio that the sand is about 3 to maximum 8 times of the cement.

  • 5

    Cut the cement bag carefully and empty the bag or as required on the top of the piled sand. Spread it uniformly over the sand surface and then add water to the mixture.

  • 6

    After adding the water in the required ratio which is normally 1 bag cement, 8 bags of sand and water supply equal to 12 times the cement volume, mix it properly by the help of shovel.

  • 7

    Once the water is completely blended the mortar is ready. Now start applying the mortar on the wall by putting it in a dish or container with the help of trowel.

  • 8

    As you are done with applying mortar comprehensively on the wall, make sure that it is not shedding from anywhere. Allow sometime for the mortar to grip the wall.

  • 9

    After waiting for some time, start brushing the mortar on the wall with finishing trowel so as to give the applied mortar a clean face. To ensure that the plaster is properly aligned, use the aluminum water tool.

  • 10

    Keep watering the wall for atleast two to four days for the plaster to strengthen. It is advised to use sandpaper on the water before applying paint.

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