How to Build a Campfire From Scratch

Camping is a lot f fun. It allows us to connect with nature and we can experience what our ancestors lived like. It has many chores associated with it as well. These can add to the excitement and make the experience even better.

One such chore is the making a campfire and it needs a bit of skill and the right tools to be successful. You can incorporate some of the old as well as new techniques to make the fire and use it for seeking heat, cooking or anything else that you feel like.


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    Build a Site

    The first thing that you will need is a site where you can create a campfire. Make a circle from stones of small and medium size. Make sure that the soil here is without moisture. This will help you later on when you have created a fire and want to make it into a big one.

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    Source of Ignition

    You will need a source of ignition such as a match box or a lighter. Taking the route in which these tools are missing, you can be up for a long wait as well as a lot of friction burns on your hands. Another good option is a magnifying glass as it can also help in focusing the sun’s light and energy to cause a flame.

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    Burnable Material

    You must have some burnable materials that can be used for making the fire. Obviously an ignition is not enough unless there is something to transfer fire on. Pieces of paper or some dry grass can be useful in this regard. Make sure that this process takes place in the site that you earlier built.

    Once they start catching the fire, you can add larger pieces of paper of more grass to make the fire bigger and stronger so that it can last.

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    Add Burning Materials

    Now you can start adding sticks to the fire. Start off with thin ones so that the fire can gain strength. As it grows bigger, you can throw in larger and thicker sticks. After sometime, it should be large enough for you. You can put in some logs of wood as well when it has gotten pretty big. Make sure though that you stay at a safe distance from the fire.

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