How to Build a Survival Shelter in a Wooded Area

Although outdoor activities can be a lot of fun you might someday find yourself in a situation where you are stuck in the woods without any supplies and need some protection from the elements. The wind, rain, snow or heat can cause some serious problems for you which can become very dangerous and you will need to build a basic survival shelter for protection. If you find yourself in this situation then remember that you can build a decent survival shelter without any supplies with a little creativity and some hard work.


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    Do not panic:

    If you find yourself in a serious situation out in the woods without any supplies or you are lost and cannot find your way back then do not panic. Take a few deep breaths and try to relax. If you panic then you might find yourself in a situation that can be considerably worse.

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    Stay in one place:

    Try to stay in one place and do not go wandering off. This is especially the case if it is nighttime as you do not want to get further in the woods.

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    Look around:

    Look around where you are at and search for any possible useful items that you can use to construct a basic survival shelter.

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    Look for large rocks or trees:

    You will want to find a large tree or rock that you can use as the foundation for your survival shelter. Remember that this will act as the main component for your shelter as you can lean wood and shrubs against it to protect yourself for the weather.

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    Search for branches:

    Look for some large branches in and around your vicinity. Do not go far for these branches as you do not want to get lost or injured. Get as many large branches as you can and drag or carry them back to the large tree or rock that you will use as the foundation.

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    Place branches against foundation:

    Carefully place the branches against the large tree or rock that you selected earlier. Make sure that these branches are at an angle so that there is enough room for you to crawl under for protection.

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    Use bushes and shrubs:

    Look for some bushes, shrubs or large leaves that you can place on top of these branches to get some protection from the wind, rain or snow. Place the shrubs or bushes in layers on top of the branches so that water does not leak inside.

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