How to Build a Brick Wall

There are times when you have to do some type of construction without any helper or mason available. For example, there was a heavy rain and the brick wall of your garden has fallen and you have to erect it again to ensure safety of your house. Although it seems difficult, but you will be surprised to know that there is no rocket science involved in erecting a brick wall in your house or anywhere that it is required. There are just a few things that you need to know and take care of while mounting a brick wall without engaging a mason.

Things Required:

Water supply
Plastic sheet
Plywood Sheer
Brick trowel
Spirit level
Plumb line


  • 1

    First of all, you shall have to make sure that the brick wall needs a strong foundation. For this you shall have to dig a trench around 300mm wide and 300mm deep for the soil if it is soft or unstable.

  • 2

    After digging the trench to make the foundation, pour the pre-mixed concrete made up of cement to six parts of mixture of sand and gravel.

  • 3

    Once you have poured the mixture, push it down firmly in such a way that there are no air pockets left and level the surface with a trowel.

  • 4

    After leveling, cover the trench with plastic sheet for three to four days until it is hard so as to allow the concrete form a strong foundation.

  • 5

    As you are sure about the strength of laid foundation, prepare the mortar with bags of mortar mix as they are easy to handle and the ratio of sand and cement is correct.

  • 6

    It is advised to prepare mortar on a piece of plywood to protect the ground using a spade for folding the mix together and continuous chopping all across the mortar to mingle it properly.

  • 7

    While mixing the mortar, make sure that no streaks of cement remain and the mortar has a consistent colour and it is solid enough to hold its shape before you make a hole for water.

  • 8

    Before you start piling up the bricks, it is advised to wet them with water as dry bricks do not hold on to the mortar strongly.

  • 9

    Make a 10mm layer of mortar evenly spread along the centre of the footings where you will place the bricks. It is good to make a plumb line joining both ends of the wall to keep it straight.

  • 10

    Start buttering the bricks with mortar using trowel and placing along the fixed string in such a way that the brick's hollow or frog is facing upwards.

  • 11

    Arrange the bricks in a stretcher bond, checking regularly with spirit level in such a way that each vertical joint is reeled and half bricks are used for filling the gaps at the end.

  • 12

    Before you finish, ensure that the bricks are mounted evenly by checking with gauge stick or spirit level and finally finish off making a brick layer with hollow side facing downwards.

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