How to Erect a Concrete Column

Concrete columns are used for structural support whether for gate pillar or porch support. However, there are specific requirements of national and local building codes relating to the size and load bearing which are needed to follow before constructing a concrete block. Reinforcing bars are usually recommended in the slabs or footings at the place where column is constructed. This will provide more stability and support to the concrete column.

Things Required:

– Sonutube which is a form of water-resistant heavy cardboard tube. This is needed for a round column.
– Built form of wood, for a square column
– Footing
– Concrete mixture
– Water
– Large bucket
– Heavy stir stick
– Rebar or other reinforcement
– Work gloves


  • 1

    Placing the footer

    First of all, you need to place the footer of the concrete column. There are two ways for doing this. You can either place part of the column in soil like fence posts or you can build on a precast footer. The latter option provides greater stability to the concrete columns.

  • 2

    Place the form

    Next you need to place the form firmly on the footer. In case the concrete column you are building is taller than three feet then you need to add rebar.

  • 3

    Add concrete

    Next you need to add the concrete according to the instructions written on the package. Remember to pour less water than instructed on the package for making stronger dry concrete. Adding less water in the mixture will result in stiffer wet concrete. In case you are building a tall or wide concrete column then you can always call the local company to deliver mixed concrete. This will save time and ease your work.

  • 4

    Add wet concrete into the mould

    After mixing water into the concrete, you need to quickly place it in the mould. However, you need to take caution when pouring it. In order to prevent air pockets you need to tap the mould regularly.

  • 5

    Fill the centre

    Next you need to fill the centre of mould with more wet concrete. This is because after the concrete settles, it sinks down.

  • 6

    Let it dry

    After filling the mould, you need to let it dry for almost two days. In case the weather conditions are humid or the column is wider than eight inches then you need to let it dry for almost five days.

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