How to Build a Treehouse

Building a treehouse is fun. If you are lucky enough to have a house with big trees in the backyard, chances are your cute children have requested for a treehouse. Constructing a beautiful treehouse is not a difficult task at all. What you require is a strong tree at the right location and a few tools, which will be easily available in the market. However, you really have to be careful about the design and safety measurements of the tree house. Stop thinking and start your treehouse project in order to surprise your kids with some unforgettable hours of enjoyment with their friends.


  • 1

    Inspect your backyard

    Inspect your backyard and select a big tree in a location that is easily visible. Make sure to select a tree with sturdy and thick branches so that they can support plenty of weight. It is always better to select a tree with parallel branches since they are perfect to build a treehouse.

  • 2

    Make your treehouse plan

    Grab a graph paper and sketch the design of your treehouse. There are many tree house designs and you can get an idea from many online websites that offer simple but unique treehouse plans.

  • 3

    Buy treehouse equipments

    Now make a list of the equipments needed in the construction of the tree house and purchase them in bulk so as to reduce the costs.

  • 4

    Attach ladder to the tree

    Put a rope or wooden ladder on the tree to make your way to its branch. If you do not have a ladder, then nail a few equal size wooden boards to the trunk of the tree to use as steps.

  • 5

    Trim extra branches

    Climb the ladder and reach the selected branch of the tree. Grab a saw and trim extra branches of the tree which can disturb you during the construction process.

  • 6

    Form the base

    Nail some well-polished wooden boards together across two strong branches that are close to one another. This will form the base of your treehouse.

  • 7

    Make the railing

    Now add some more wooden boards on three sides of the base of your treehouse until a railing is formed.

  • 8

    Install door and windows

    Now, install the door and windows of the treehouse to make way for cross ventilation.

  • 9

    Fix the roof

    Pick up a plastic trap and attach it to the trunk of the tree, making sure to angle it to the far side of your railing. This plastic trap will serve as a roof of your tree house. However, you can make the roof with wooden blocks as well, putting them together the way you formed the base of the treehouse. The third possible option is steel roof sheets, since they are easy to install and are great for rainy days.

  • 10

    Make a treehouse terrace

    You can make a terrace to savor the surrounding environment or to have a cup of tea with your family and friends. Attach some medium wooden boards in vertical direction around the base of the terrace.

  • 11

    Your treehouse is all set

    Your tree  house is ready for the children to play in!

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