How to Build a Foot Bridge

Instead of hiring a carpenter, you can build a foot bridge yourself if you have basic carpentry skills. Building a foot bridge may take up little more than you expect, but when you are finished with the project, a sense of satisfaction will prevail because you would have practically contributed towards the improvement of area surrounding your house.


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    The location at which you want to build the foot bridge is very important and must be chosen carefully. Look for a location where the foundation of the foot bridge will be on firm and dry ground. Take measurements such as length of the foot bridge, its width and height of the hand railing. From a local construction store, purchase the necessary materials.

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    Pier blocks will provide the foundation for the foot bridge. On each end of the foot bridge, place two pier blocks and make sure that they are in perfect level with each other. You may have to dig down or build up to bring the pier blocks in level.

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    Secure metal beams to all four pier blocks with metal straps. One length of a beam should be the separating distance between the pier blocks.

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    Railing posts are an important part of a foot bridge. On each side of the foot bridge, construct even railing posts throughout the length of the foot bridge. One foot will be an ideal distance between consecutive railing posts.

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    To the railing posts you just constructed, attach hand railing. Make sure that the railing you are installing is smooth and properly levelled.

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    Now it comes to the core of the foot bridge; the treads. Form the treads by laying wooden planks across the foot bridge beams. Make sure that the planks hold properly and will not loosen up when you walk across the foot bridge.

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    Moisture in the air and humid weather can ruin the wood use in building the foot bridge. To avoid such an outcome, seal the foot bridge using a sealer. To avoid the metal from rusting over time, paint the railing and railing posts with at least a couple of paint coats.

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