How to Build a Recreational Lake Raft

Everyone needs to be able to do something that helps calm them down, and lets them get rid of all the stress that has been over-flowing in their lives.

Now most people have numerous ways of getting rid of stress. However, one of the proven ways to help you get rid of stress is to go rafting on a lake.

Just cruising down the lake with no worries on your mind help you relax and get to terms with the pace of things once again.

However, buying a raft is not always a smart thing to do, since it might end up costing you a whole lot of money. Instead, you can always opt to build your very own raft, which you can use with ease and get the job done.


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    Start off by getting a hold of some dry logs. You can either buy these or go out and search for some in the wild. Each of the logs should be around twelve feet long and vaguely twelve inches in diameter. Apart from this get some smaller logs as well. These should be eight feet long and some six inches in diameter.

    Now lay all the logs down and make a rectangle that is some eight feet by twelve feet. You can also choose to trip and cut the edges, in order to round off the ends and make it look aesthetically pleasing.

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    Now use a cutting tool and cut notches some twenty inches from all the ends of the logs. These notches should be square in shape, but they should be bigger in the inside areas, so that they can hold things better.

    Line up all the logs once again and make sure that all these notches are now even.

    Now cut the smaller logs in length and make a triangle. Now slide this triangle through the notches on the larger logs.

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    Attach some bottles, or barrels to the side of the raft via the usage of some rope and make sure that they are secure. These barrels will help you stay afloat.

    Place some dry grass on the raft so that you don’t slip on it, and so that your footing stays secure every time you step onto it. You may also go on and add some extra rope in the back, so that you can tie the raft to the dock when you are done.

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