How to Build an Attractive Deer Fence

Deer are one of the most tantalizing and beautiful creatures. You can enjoy watching deer from your garden by placing an attractive fence there. If you want to see the deer wandering around your garden, you can take help from the given steps.

Things Required:

– Four 10-foot 4-by-4s
– 65 inches of 8-foot high deer netting
– Post hole digger
– Sledge hammer
– Heavy duty plastic wire ties
– Five bags of cement and sand and gravel mix
– Roll of twine
– Six tinfoil pie plates or soup cans
– Small bag of lime
– Fence staples
– Landscape staples
– Hammer
– 25-foot tape measure


  • 1

    First of all, you have to determine the area of your garden which you want to protect from the deer. Please note that these guidelines are for building a 60 linear feet fence. If you want to build a larger fence, you will have to add some intermediate posts between the sides after every six feet.

  • 2

    You will have to take the measurement of the layout of your area so as to enclose your fence. After that, you have to build the corners. Mark them with the lime and excavate the side holes around 2.5 deep with around 12 inches diameter.

  • 3

    Then, pour the cement or sand and the gravel mixture after placing the posts in the holes your dug in the previous step. It is extremely important for you to fill the holes properly so as to make the posts firm. Now, extend the twine from one side to the other until the whole fenced is covered.

  • 4

    Take the fence staples and hammer to connect the deer netting on the post. After that, just extend the netting to the other sides of the posts.

  • 5

    Enclose all the posts with the deer netting and attach it firmly with the help of the staples. In order to make an entrance into the fence for humans, you will have to lace down the twine in the netting.

  • 6

    In the end, you have to widen the netting fold with the landscape staples. Then, just bind them with the tinfoil pie pans. Remember that you have to bind the pans to the posts. It will help your to keep the deer away from the line of your fence.

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