How to Operate a Bulldozer

A bulldozer is basically a type of heavy machinery used for the purposes of leveling ground, moving soil and debris, and clearing an area by cutting down trees and shrubs. Equipped with a blade at the front, and fitted out with tracks instead of wheels, bulldozers are powerful machines and can be difficult to properly operate.

Remember, this guide, or any other on the internet, is in no way meant to serve as a complete source of information – it merely provides a few pointers, which cannot serve as a substitute for training and experience. Bulldozers should only be operated by trained drivers, in order to avoid putting lives and property at risk. However, if you are currently learning to operate a bulldozer, these guidelines can come in handy.


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    Firstly, you should learn about the bulldozer you wish to operate and familiarize yourself with its functions. Find out where the key goes, how the bulldozer can be set in motion, where the brake pedals are located, what the handles/joysticks are for, and how to control the movement of both the bulldozer and its blade. All this information will be available in the operating manual provided by the manufacturer.

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    One you have familiarized yourself with all the parts, it’s time to get in the driving seat. Slip the key into the ignition and turn it clockwise to set the engine in motion. Once it is ignited, the pressure needs to be eased on the key in order to let it move into the “run” position.

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    The movement of the bulldozer can be controlled with the transmission control lever – this will be positioned on the left side of the driver’s seat. Simply enough, it needs to be pushed forward to move ahead, and backwards to reverse.

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    The engine speed can be controlled by using the small lever located on the left side of the transmission control lever. Pulling it back will increase the speed of the engine, while pushing it forward will decrease the speed. Use this lever to control the throttle. A deceleration pedal is also located on the floor of the vehicle (on the far right), and this can be pressed in order to slow the speed of the bulldozer.

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    The transmission’s gear can be adjusted using the transmission control lever. One button serves to increase the engine gear, while the other decreases it.

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    Finally, learning to operate the blade is essential, as this is the key part of the bulldozer. A blade-control handle or joystick is located on the right side of the driver’s seat for this purpose. Pushing this forward lowers the blade, while pushing it back causes the blade to rise. The blade can also be tilted in to the right or left by moving the joystick in the respective direction. However, when using the blade, it is essential to ensure that no human being or animals are within close range.

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