How to Build a Deck

You are on the verge of finishing your house and having done all the hard work now you are trying to make sure that nothing goes wrong towards the end. Everything like Paintwork, woodwork, mechanical and electrical installation has been done but still you feel that something is missing or needs to be added so as to give your house a perfect finish. After thinking for a long time you reach to a conclusion that perhaps a deck built in the front or in the backyard would the the best thing to do. Perhaps not very easy, but you can do it yourself while keeping a few things in mind.

Things Required:

Iron girders
Wooden boards
Iron and wooden drillers
HIlti Gun
Nuts and Bolts with flat surface
Wood saw


  • 1

    Make a layout of the deck in relation to the house. Once you have decided about the height of the deck, mark this on the wall of your house using a carpenter’s pencil.

  • 2

    Now place the iron girders horizontally on the floor in such a way that the height of the iron girder in the that position is more or less the same as that marked on the house’s wall earlier (Step 1).

  • 3

    Add more iron girders in a series until you have the area of the deck covered, thus keeping them a few inches apart. Using an iron driller, make drills through the girders and fix them with the help of bolts or Hilti gun to provide strength.

  • 4

    After fixing the iron girders, start placing the wooden boards one by one such that they are exactly perpendicular to the placed girders.

  • 5

    To fix the wooden boards strongly, drill through each of them and the iron girder simultaneously. As you are done with the drilling, insert bolts in each hole and tighten the screw from below the wooden board.

  • 6

    Repeating the same procedure for each of the wooden board, fix all the wooden boards one by one till the whole area is completely covered. For instance if there is some space left, fill it by cutting a wooden board accordingly and fixing it the same way.

  • 7

    As it is important to protect the deck from the weather, so your final step is to coat the deck with cheap decking oil, preferably acrylic based decking stain since it is guaranteed to last for 2 to 4 years.

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