How to Build a Wild Duck House

Wild duck house provides the nesting for many different species of ducks. When there is limited space for the ducks, it acts as a great shelter for them. It is not very difficult to make the wild duck house. All you need is a little time and few tools and equipment.

If you are looking forward to build a wild duck house, you can take help from the given steps.

Things Required:

– Lumber
– Short screws
– Long screws
– Electric drill or screw gun
– Plastic or metal mesh
– Coarse sawdust
– Jigsaw
– Metal pole
– Maul
– Two metal half-rings
– Boat, waders or ice auger


  • 1

    First of all, you have to find the appropriate place for the wild duck house. It will be better for you to build it behind your house (in the backyard) so that it may not cause any kind of trouble for the neighbours. However, if you have any other place where you think it will be more suitable, you can build it there.

  • 2

    Then, you have to take all the necessary measurements of the wild duck house. It is extremely important for you to take all the measurements carefully. In order to assure the rightful measurement, you must verify every figure at least twice.

  • 3

    Now, cut the edges of the duck house by taking help of a cutting board. After that, you have to make the back and front of the wild duck house. Attach all the pieces well and cut off the excess pieces.

  • 4

    The front of the wild duck house is normally oval shaped. But, if you want to give it any other shape, its up to you. Take the drill machine and make the necessary holes. Then, take the screws and tightened the bolts. You must tight all the screws firmly so that the house will remain at its place.

  • 5

    Then, make the other parts of the house and attach them properly with each other. After that, attach the cover of the house. It will be good to keep the cover moveable so that you can rotate it in any direction by your hands.

  • 6

    In order to keep your duck safe from the harsh weather conditions, you should keep the walls of the house thicker.

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