How to Buy the Right Sandpaper

Sandpaper, originally referred to as glass paper, and is used for giving elegant finishes to wooden materials. The paper is of rough material and is sold by the number of grit. Since it comes in different grit numbers, the higher the grit number the better the finishing will be. Nevertheless, it is of utmost importance that you should choose the suitable number of grit otherwise you will end up ruining your furniture. Sandpapers are used to give a smooth finishing to your furniture and scrape off the older or stained layers.


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    Determine why you need the sandpaper

    The most important thing is to determine whether you really need a sandpaper or not. Remember that you cannot use sandpapers on all kinds of surfaces and if you do, you will end up damaging the product. It is mostly used for giving a good finish to your furniture, removing a layer from the metal products or shining the surface of a steel product. Therefore, you must confirm the purpose of using the sandpaper and whether it could be applied to that surface or not.

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    Take an expert opinion

    If you are still unsure about using the sandpaper, you must consider taking an expert opinion. For this, you can talk to a person who is experienced or you could check the internet. This way, you will not only be able to confirm whether the sandpaper could be applied to the surface or not but you will also be able to know about the grit number. You can also apply the lower grit number to a product and then gradually move up the grit number to improve the finishing.

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    Select the type of sandpaper

    Sandpaper comes in two different types, aluminium oxide and garnets. If you want to apply the sandpaper to a general product then you can use the aluminium oxide but if the product is elegant or requires a greater amount of finishing, you must apply garnet type sandpapers. Remember that garnet type sandpapers are more expensive and long lasting as compared to aluminium oxide.

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    Buy grit papers of different sizes

    It is strongly advised that you apply sandpapers of different grit numbers one by one to the product. For example, you should use the grit number 80-100 for removing the old finishing and then apply grit numbers of 110-150 for the preparatory finishing.

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