How to Build Your Own House

Build Your Own House: There would be hardly anyone on planet earth who does not want to own a house. Whether big or a small one, owning a home is far better than a rented one. Nowadays, with so much inflation everywhere, owning and building your house is nothing less than a dream, particularly for a low income group. However, if you have the space for house building or have required capital to buy land and build house, then you should not be wasting any moment. If this is the first time ever that you are doing so, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Before you are on your way to build your own house it is important that you should prepare yourself for a long struggle as you shall have to be on your toes every time.


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    In order to get started you first of all will be finding the land or the space for building the house. Keep your budget in view and contact a reliable real estate agent to find you a desired location. It is recommended to go for an old and ugly looking building as it will be cheaper than an open plot.

    Prefer buying an old building
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    Be aware of the planning limitations in the area. It is quite possible that you have to literally fight for making a house of your choice in a certain locality.

    Beware of building limitations
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    In order to make sure that the plan you have to build your house conforms to the budget you have in hand, it is good to get in touch with a qualified architect or a designer. Avoid those who consider themselves artists and go for those who plan according to your budget.

    Professional Architect
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    After you have chosen one of the plans made by the architect, the next step for you is laying the foundation. While doing so ensure that the foundation is according to the road level to avoid any problems in future.

    House plan drafting
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    Once the foundation is laid, the plot will be ready for framing. As the framing will start your will be in a position to figure out the different rooms, doorways, and windows in your house.

    Lay strong foundation
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    By the time you are done with framing, it is advised to get your house inspected from a local building inspector so as to ensure that there is nothing wrong with the installations.

    Inspection is important
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    As the inspection is done, the next and the most important task will be roofing and exterior sheathing of your house.

    Covering your house
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    After you are done with roofing, the house will be ready for electrical and mechanical installations. You may continue to do sheetrock, interior work and further finishing till you have your house in a desired look.

    Give you house a finishing look

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