How to Get Rid Of Damp On Walls

Damp on walls is one of the most worrying situations for home owners as it can demote the property value by great measures. The biggest reason of damp on walls is the presence of condensation caused by vaporised water. This can help the growth of mould on the walls and can seriously affect the home structure, and it can also cause health issues for you and your family. Water vapours are generated through a number of activities carried out in homes that can lead to condensation. The only solution to control and get rid of damp on walls is by lowering the water vapours in your home, and you can do that by following simple steps mentioned below.


  • 1

    Cover the pots while boiling

    When you need to boil something, cover the pots with something to disallow the vapours from collecting on the walls.

  • 2

    Make use of Ventilation far

    When taking a bath, make sure you turn on the ventilation far, and after finishing the bath, do not forget to close the door. It can take about 20 minutes after the shower to get rid of all the vapours inside the bathroom.

  • 3

    Don't dry clothes inside home

    Never ever hang wet clothes inside your home to dry, as during the drying process, they produce vapours that can easily be collected onto the walls and cause damp.

  • 4

    Install ceiling fans

    Install ceiling fans in all the rooms and also exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchen.

  • 5

    Control temperature and humidity levels

    Control the home temperature and heat your home above 63 degree Fahrenheit to discourage condensation process. Another thing you can do to get rid of the damp walls is installation of dehumidifier in your home which can help a lot.

  • 6

    Install double or triple glazed windows

    Install double or triple glazed windows in your home as they can help keep your home warmer, and eventually discourage the condensation process.

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