How to Build a Masonry Planter

Masonry planter walls add great value to your house as they not only make it more beautiful but also keep the atmosphere fresh and soothing. It is not easy to build a masonry planter as you need to follow a procedure that requires some specialised tools and equipment to get the job done.

Things Required:

– Measuring tape
– Shovel
– Concrete mix
– Masonry units such as brick, stone or pavers
– Mortar mix
– Trowel
– Cap stones, as necessary
– Planting soil and plants
– ¼-inch perforated pipe (if needed)


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    First, you have to take all the measurements of the planter. Make sure that this step is done carefully so that your planter wall looks good. Moreover, you have to make adjustments for the depth of masonry as it varies for different kinds of planter walls. Just make sure you use the right quantity of stones which you can easily get from any home improvement store or masonry outlet.

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    Next, dig a trench right under the area where you are looking to build you masonry planter wall. Make sure that you dig a 6-by-6 inch trench. Then, take the concrete and mix it according to the instructions given on the package and put it into the trench. Concrete will take around 24 hours to dry.

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    Now, mix the mortar in batches. Take the trowel to lay the mortar. Then, place the masonry blocks on the mortar and press them so that they may settle down evenly. It is extremely important for you to make sure that all the blocks are placed evenly and properly settle down. Furthermore, leave around half an inch gap between every piece to put additional mortar.

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    After laying the first stack of units, you have to wedge the mortar into small vertical joints. Then, scrape the mortar deeper by using the trowel. You may have to mix some more mortar to complete this task.

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    Don’t build the planter wall taller than two feet as it will become difficult to add the necessary support.

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    If you want to decorate your planter wall, you can place stones on it. Fill your planter wall with soil and fertiliser to grow plants of your choice.

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