How to Build a Gazebo

Gazebo is an excellent place to gaze the surroundings in a calm and quite way. They possess a great historical background as it is thought that the first structure of the gazebo was built by the Egyptian pharaohs. Today these structures are found in almost every garden where the surrounding views are spectacular.
You can either buy the gazebo kit or can take a professional’s help to get it designed and build. But if you have the gazebo plan of your own then you can build it on your own too. Keeping in mind about the things and materials required for constructing Gazebo. Selection of wood is very important, choose the wood that can withstand weather or environmental factors.
So let’s see how to build a gazebo on your own by following simple steps given below.

Things Required:

– Measuring Tape
– Note Pad
– Cement Gravel
– Pencil
– Fluorescent Marking Spray
– Wooden Boards
– Nails
– Powder Gun
– Driller
– Shovel
– Trowel
– Nail Gun
– Ladder


  • 1

    Suitable Location for Gazebo:

    Choose a suitable place in your garden that is bringing about the best view of your neighborhood. Try to locate the gazebo in the area that is surrounded with trees to avoid direct exposure to sun.

  • 2

    Cleaning up the site:

    Clear the selected site from all the stones, leaves, grass or garbage.

  • 3

    Measuring and Calculating the Gazebo Area:

    Now with the help of a measuring tape, measure the area and height of the gazebo by leaving some room for the tiles that you will install. Note down these measurements in your note pad.

  • 4

    Getting the Gazebo Material:

    Now take the wooden boards and go to the carpenter’s shop. Get your wooden boards cut according to the measurements and shape of your choice. Remember you need the wooden tiles for floors, the side columns and panels for walls, the roof beams and finally the roof.

  • 5

    Marking the Boundaries:

    Now that you have got all the material according to the desired shape or size so get started by marking the area with the help of a fluorescent marking paint. Make sure that the boundary you draw is symmetrical.

  • 6

    Preparing the Soil:

    With the help of a shovel start digging out the surface with depth of at least 18 inches. Now take a jumping jack and level the soil by moving it in one go for every square foot.

  • 7

    Creating a Concrete Foundation

    Pour the cement gravel on the digged out area and keep on leveling the surface with the help of trowel. Leave it for as long as it gets completely dried out.

  • 8

    Setting Up the Floors:

    Now we have got the foundation for our gazebo, its time to set up the floor. So connect and nail all the wooden tiles together.  Once they are nailed, fix them with cemented foundation using powder gun. In the end nail in the corner posts all around the floor.

  • 9

    Building the Side Panels:

    Now as the floor is built its time to build the side panels. So for this first mark the points on the floor where the panels are going to be installed and then dig out holes at those points with the help of drilling machine. Once the holes are digged out, insert the vertical columns in them. After the columns are inserted, get them nailed into the wooden floor with a hammer. Once you are done installing the columns, its time to install the horizontal columns. So again using a hammer carefully nail in all the horizontal columns.

  • 10

    Installing the Roof Beams:

    Now is the time to install the roof beams. So first arrange all the beams together by placing them on a flat surface. As you nail them together they will form a shape of a star. Once the beams are joined together, install these on the top of the side panels. Mount up the ladder and ask someone to help you hold and install the beams. Now position them on the top of the walls and nail them from all the sides with the help of a nail gun.

  • 11

    Installing the Roof:

    Now position some long boards along the walls of the gazebo and create a slope to help slide up the heavy roof on the top. Then lean the roof along the long boards and mount up the ladder.

    Once you mount up the ladder, pull the roof up and try to position it towards the center of the gazebo. Once the roof’s peak gets positioned in the center, secure it by nailing it from all the sides. Finally repeat this until all the pieces are joined together into a single roof.

    You finally constructed your own gazebo.

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