How to Build a CD Rack Storage

Building a CD rack storage is a very good idea as you will able to keep all your music and movies in a proper way. It also applies to all other things as well that you want to keep your all important stuff in an organised manner. You can make any kind of a rack which will certainly help in many ways to keep your CD’s in good shape. You can make a wooden rack or aluminum one as both kinds are every user friendly and can give you extra space to keep your many CD’s.


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    Choose the size

    First determine how big the rack you want to build for your CD's. You can build a small size rack or medium one for keeping the CD's. This will depend on how many CD's you have and in what way will want to access them while they are stored. Also, carefully check where you want your CD rack to be installed. You will want ample space to make a decent size CD rack.

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    Select wood

    Choosing wood is also a key part when you should consider making a rack. You can pick oak, walnut or cherry wood. Though when you get the required wood, it will be plain and without any stains but if you think painting it with a good paint is a good idea, then you can always choose the colour of your choice. Make sure you have some basic knowledge when it comes to wood when you go to buy it from the hardware store. Talk to the salesperson for their advice as they are in a better position to guide you.

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    Measure and mark the wood

    Measuring and marking the wood is also a good idea as it will give you freedom to make any kind of a rack which will hold your many CD's and gives a fine organised look as well.

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    Round the edges

    You should also round the edges of the board and remove the rough sides which will certainly show a very fine work of art as well.

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    Sand the wood with sandpaper

    This process will also help you make the wood plain and edge free. Pick a decent grade of sandpaper to use. It might take some effort but with a little hard work you will have a nice smooth finish to your new CD rack that you can show off to friends and family.

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