How to Attach a Deck to a House

If you want to add to the  beauty to your house, you can attach a lovely deck that the whole family can enjoy. A number of homeowners select attached decks as they are more stable than freestanding ones and provide convenient direct access to the house. You need to properly attach the deck to your house using vinyl sliding so that you will be good to go for several years. Depending on the size, usage and of course your budget, there are a lot of ways to attach a deck to your house.

Things Required:

– Eye, hand, ear protection
– Wood
– Vinyl
– Respiratory mask
– Hand saw
– Ledger board, decking board and circular saw
– Socket or Wrench
– Hammer
– Lag Bolts
– Joint Hangers
– Copper Nails


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    Getting started

    Cut a section of the vinyl siding with a hand saw or reciprocating saw. Try not to cut through the subsurface of the wall. Remove the section so that it is as wide as your deck and make sure it extends down around 12 inches from the initial surface area. In addition, also check the thickness of the decking boards. This will tell you how far below the vinyl you will put the ledger board. For instance, if you are using 2 inch thick boards, the top of the ledger board should be 2 inch below the vinyl.

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    Ledger board

    Cut a ledger board from 1 inch by 10 inch lumber with the help of a circular saw. Be sure to make the ledger board the same length as the width of your deck. Place the ledger board on the side of your home. After that, level it with a carpenter’s level. Then nail the board to the wall with a hammer. Moreover, drill pilot holes along the top and bottom into the subsurface and attach the ledger board to the wall with lag bolts. Secure the bolts with a socket or wrench.

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    Joint hangers

    Remove a section of copper flashing. Move a side around 3 inches behind the vinyl siding. Mould it over the top and in front of the board as you attach it with copper nails. Place joint hangers to the ledger board. Begin with the side hangers to hold the rim joists. You can choose a double thickness of 2 inch thick lumber for rim joists.

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